Z 185 Standard

An affordable, good-quality parlor grand piano

The “big brother” of the Zimmermann family, the Z 185 Standard model is a powerful, sturdy baby grand. If you’re looking to buy a reliable and affordable baby grand, then the Z 185 Standard is right up your alley. This model, which boasts a powerful sound, matches the European quality benchmarks and is available at an affordable price, certainly makes an ideal musical partner. Featuring a pleasant action, great dynamism and surprising power, the Zimmermann Z 185 Standard parlor grand enthralls even accomplished piano players. You can’t go wrong with this instrument produced exclusively from quality materials that are carefully processed.

Bechstein’s quality management: a guarantee when it comes to buying a piano

This model, like all the Zimmermann instruments, is in line with the stringent technical, sound and aesthetic demands of Bechstein’s quality management system. This control procedure performed at the production site guarantees consistent quality that satisfies the European criteria and sets new benchmarks in piano-making. The Z 185 Standard, which boasts a sound and processing quality that’s worthy of the “Designed by Bechstein” seal, therefore constitutes a viable alternative to second-hand pianos.

Z 185 Standard Dimensions
  • 153 cm / 60”

    Width in cm

  • 185 cm / 6’1”

    Length in cm

  • 360 kg / 720 lbs

    Weight in kg


Instruments for those who want to enter the world of piano without compromising on quality. A new standard for beginner pianos at surprisingly affordable prices.