Z 185 Standard

The “big brother” of the Zimmermann family, the Z 185 Standard model is a powerful, sturdy baby grand. If you’re looking to buy a reliable and affordable baby grand, then the Z 185 Standard is right up your alley. This model, which boasts a powerful sound, matches the European quality benchmarks and is available at an affordable price, certainly makes an ideal musical partner. Featuring a pleasant action, great dynamism and surprising power, the Zimmermann Z 185 Standard parlor grand enthralls even accomplished piano players. You can’t go wrong with this instrument produced exclusively from quality materials that are carefully processed.

Z 175 Standard

The Zimmermann Z 175 Standard model charms every player with its outstanding grand piano touch, convincing sound volume and well-balanced voice. This mid-sized instrument boasts all the advantages of a quality grand piano: precise and fluid touch that gives you confidence, carefully selected materials and fine processing that meets even stringent demands. A quality grand piano for beginners, the Zimmermann Z 175 Standard bears the “Designed by C. Bechstein” mark of excellence.

Z 160 Standard

The Zimmermann Z 160 Standard model is just the ticket for small apartments and limited budgets. This affordable baby grand adds a touch of elegance to any room and offers you an extraordinary touch and sound. A reliable piano, the Z 160 Standard boasts all the features of an instrument that has been carefully honed: a quality action, a harmonious sound and a pleasant volume. Moreover, this compact baby grand fits into any small music room and bears the “Designed by Bechstein” seal that inspires confidence.

Z 122 Classic Chrome

– Currently not available –

The Zimmermann 122 Classic Chrome upright piano stands out not only for its beautiful voice, but also for its elegant case. Harmonious curves and various chrome elements enhance the classic design and give this piano a noble look.

This upright, developed to meet the requirements of demanding beginners, stands out for its smart design, good construction and compelling voice.

Zimmermann S 6

An affordable piano with a powerful volume, the Zimmermann S 6 is great value for money. It always makes more sense to buy a new piano than a second-hand one, especially when it comes to trading the instrument in for a superior model.

The Zimmermann S 6 upright will entice you with its balanced proportions, pleasant action and surprisingly powerful sound. Thanks to its timeless design, this piano is bound to be right up any demanding beginner’s street.

Zimmermann S3

The Zimmermann S3 model uses Bechstein’s independently designed keyboard and action, with precise and sensitive touch. The technicians poured their emotions and injected souls into the piano. The superior timbre and touch were only surrendered to your highest pursuit of music. The Zimmermann S3 upright is equipped with piano fallboard descent control which helps to protect young children’s hands from accidental injuries. The compact and flexible design of Zimmermann S3 makes it suitable to be played in rooms or apartments of any size, and the perfect choice of all players.

Zimmermann S 2

The Zimermann S 2 model meets several key criteria that beginners look for in a piano.

The Zimmermann S 2 upright is a sturdy, reliable instrument with a pleasant touch. Medium-sized, it offers more playing comfort and volume for the sound to unfold than a small piano. Designed with beginners in mind, it will easily fit in a child’s room. Its sleek, meticulous processing just goes to show that it’s built to last, while all of its quality features guarantee great playing pleasure. In a word: this piano is just the ticket for beginners and children alike.